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Residential Maintenance Plan

Never pay for computer service again! 

With our Residential Maintenance plan you will never have to worry about computer problems again.   Our Maintenance plan provides unlimited in store and remote service covering all software related issues.   This plan is perfect for the heavy to light users, students, work from home types, and even the household computer.  In Consumer Reports' 2010 State of the Net summary , the odds of contracting a serious computer virus problem are given to be 1 in 5, with the yearly costs around $2.7 billion. With this in mind, all subscribers to our Residential Maintenance Plan get Panda Anti-Virus to protect you from viruses.  You will also get a  full backup of your hard drive kept on file for one year that can be updated as often as you need.  Feel safe in knowing that your data and your computers well being will always be secure.   A+ Computer Specialists takes pride in providing the best service ever.  And what better way than unlimited service!   Contact any of our local stores for details.  


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